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Matt Barden M-80 Kickflip.gif
Sequence of Matt Barden doing an M80 from Skateboarder Magazine April 1980
Pronunciation em-eighty
Long Hand Kickflip Body Varial to Fakie Pivot
Alternate Names
  • M-80
  • M80 Kickflip
  • Matt 180
Inventor Matt Barden
Invented 1980
Difficulty Level Intermediate
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Variations
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions out of M80
  • Spacewalk
  • FSKB
    Contributors Tony Gale

    The M80 (Pronounced "em-eighty") was invented by Matt Barden and gets it's modern name from a shortening of "Matt 180". It is basically an Old-School Kickflip with a body varial, but instead of landing on all four wheels, you land fakie on the nose and pivot out.

    M80 scholar Tony Gale defines it like this: "a 'proper' M80 would be described as a kickflip body varial to fakie pivot. It creates that see-saw motion, as the legs swing to meet the nose, and then swing the board back as the hips unwind."

    The natural progression for learning this trick is to get your regular Kickflips down solid first, then add the body varial to fakie, then finally adding the pivot.


    Regular Goofy
    Video by Tony Gale. (Clipped from the M80 Supplemental video for The Freestyle Podcast - Episode 04)

    Trick Tips

    Check out Tony Gale's trick tip at freestyletricktips.com

    M-80 trick tip by Sean Burke