List of Bearings

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There is a very large selection of bearings on the market today, but this list is comprised of only those that directly support the freestyle community, are very affordable, or have some specific application for freestyle.

Bearing Make Model ABEC Rating # of Balls Ball Material Seal Status
Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings Bronson Speed Co. G3 7 Steel Shielded GA
Capital Speed Rings Bearings Capital Skateboards Speed Rings 5/7/9 7 Stainless Steel Shielded EOS
Decomposed "Freestyle is Gay" Bearings Decomposed Freestyle is Gay Steel Steel Sealed GA
Decomposed Keith Renna's Balls of Steel Bearings Decomposed Balls of Steel 9 Steel EOS
Decomposed Seven Maggots Bearings Decomposed Seven Maggots 7 7 Steel Sealed EOS
GMN Precision German Speed Bearings GMN 608ZZ SD02 7 Chrome Steel 100Cr6 Shielded GA
NMB Precision Speed Bearings NBM Precision Speed Bearings 7 Stainless Steel Shielded GA
Oust MOC 5 Street Bearings Oust MOC 5 Street 5 7 Steel Shielded GA
Seismic Tekton 6-Ball Bearings Seismic Skate Inc. Tekton 6-Ball 7 6 P4 Steel Sealed GA
Seismic Tekton 7-Ball Bearings Seismic Skate Inc. Tekton 7-Ball 7 7 P4 Steel Sealed GA
Seismic Tekton 7-Ball LITE Bearings Seismic Skate Inc. Tekton 7-Ball LITE 7 7 P4 Steel Sealed GA
Seismic Tekton Ceramic Bearings Seismic Skate Inc. Tekton Ceramic 7 7 Trisilicon Tetranitride (Si3N4) Sealed GA
SKF Explorer 608-2Z Bearings SKF Explorer 608-2Z 7 Carbon Chromium Steel Shielded GA
Synopsis Blue Rays Bearings Synopsis Bearings Blue Rays 7 7 Chrome Steel Sealed GA
Synopsis Ceramics Bearings Synopsis Bearings Ceramics 9 7 Ceramic Sealed GA
Synopsis Stainless Steels Bearings Synopsis Bearings Stainless Steels 9 7 Stainless Steel Sealed GA