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Short Name LateTricks
Long Name LateTricks - Technical and Freestyle Skateboarding
Freestyle Team
Freestyle Team Riders UK Freestyle Skaters
Other Information
Founded February 7, 2013
Founder Alex Foster
Owner Alex Foster
City Bolton
Country United Kingdom Homepage - November 2016

LateTricks was founded by Alex Foster in 2013 and is the main hub on which the UK freestyle scene turns. Through LateTricks, Alex keeps the freestyle community informed and engaged on all recent news and events with amazing videos and articles. You can also find the most comprehensive freestyle contest database on the net here.

Read more about Alex Foster and the LateTricks story in Broken Fingers Magazine - Issue 06 “In Honest Praise of LateTricks” by Tony Gale, starting on page 29.

LateTricks Mission

"We are firm followers and supporters of the freestyle skateboarding lifestyle and committed to bringing about the new freestyle revolution!"