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Short Hand Kickback
Long Hand Kick Back
Difficulty Level Advanced
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The Kickback is an old school freestyle trick that can be done rolling or stationary. It is basically a half flip backwards and then a full flip forwards. It is done by placing your front foot on the front bolts and your back foot only with your toes in the middle of your board along the edge. Start pushing down and to your rear on your toes in the middle of the board and jump at the same time. This will cause the board to turn over toward you and when the board catches the top of your toes, flick the board forward. After the board flips 1 and a half rotations, catch it and land back on the bolts. The timing will take some practice, but you will get a feel for it and it'll become easier with time.

Trick Tips

Trick tip by Keith Butterfield

Daniel Trujillo's trick tip featuring Azzam Syafiq and Dimas.