Jim Goodrich

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Jim Goodrich
Jim skate photo prints dec-2012.jpg
Photo: Jim Goodrich
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Gender Male
Location San Diego, California, USA
Home Town San Diego, CA
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Occupation Photographer/Graphic Artist
Skating Since 1976
Awards Inducted into the Florida Skateboard Hall Of Fame on Saturday May 4th, 2013
Contributors Jim Goodrich


Jim Goodrich got his start in skateboarding in 1976 as a skateboarder. When a skateboarding accident sent him to the hospital with a broken arm, it started him on a path that changed his life when he began shooting photos of his skate buddies while recovering from the accident.

In 1977 he met Warren Bolster, the editor of SkateBoarder Magazine, and in 1978 was hired as a staff photographer at the magazine. For many years he photographed the wealth of top skate talent around the world and chronicled the golden age of skateboarding. Years later he went on to work as manager and team coach at Gullwing Products, and then as managing editor at TransWorld Skateboarding Magazine.

Since leaving the skateboard scene in 1986, Jim pursued other career interests, but never lost his love and passion for skateboarding. In 2000, he once again became active in the skate scene, attending and photographing various skate events, and has donated his time and skate photographs to raise money over the years for a variety of charity causes.

In 2012, he was brought on as the staff photographer for The World Freestyle Round-Up‎ competition in Vancouver, Canada, which he continues to shoot each year.

Jim’s love of skateboarding had originally drawn him into photography, and now the love of his work over 30 years later has brought him back into the skateboarding world. His biggest stoke in skateboarding now is experiencing the new generation from a fresh perspective, and seeing others enjoying his work.


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