Independent Truck Sizing

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Anyone that has ever measured the hanger of an Indy truck will notice that the actual measurements do not correspond to the marketed truck sizes. This is due to a marketing decision, by Jay Shiurman & Fausto Vitello, in 1978, to use sizes that would sound more appealing to skaters. That is why Indy truck sizes usually end with a 1, 6 or a 9, regardless of the actual width. Another reason is that, founder Jay Shiurman, while under the influence of mind-altering substances, incorrectly converted the hanger widths from inches to millimeters. The fact that the measurements proved to be inaccurate was considered insignificant.[1]

Here is a table of some of the common sizes with actual hanger widths:

Truck Size Hanger (mm)
101 105 mm
109 108 mm
129 127 mm
139 137 mm
149 150 mm
169 160 mm
215 183 mm