Fleece Tyler

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Fleece Tyler
Fleece Tyler - Have You Seen Him.jpg
Nationality Flag of Japan.png Japanese
Gender Male

The name Fleece Tyler sounds like a legendary freestyler, but he is actually just an extremely obscure internet meme that only freestylers are likely to have encountered while using online translation services[1] to translate Japanese freestyle-related websites, such as Masahiro Fujii's freestyle-sk8.com, to English.

The mistranslation occurred because the katakana 「フリースタイル」 (furi-sutairu) was incorrectly being separated into 「フリース」 (furi-su) and 「タイル」 (tairu), which phonetically resulted in Fleece Tyler, in English.

So, in short, Fleece Tyler IS "Freestyle"!

Katakana Romaji English
フリー furi- free
フリース furi-su Fleece
スタイル sutairu style
タイル tairu Tyler

Most translation sites have corrected this mistake, but Fleece Tyler still lives on, in our hearts, minds and on this page.