Finger Flip

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Finger Flip
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Finger Flip (Goofy)
Difficulty Level Basic
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Common Variations
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions out of Finger Flip
  • 50/50
  • Casper
  • A Finger Flip can be considered an umbrella term for a series of tricks involving the use of the hand (or a few fingers) to flip the skateboard. The rider rolls forward, grabs the nose of the board with the front hand and flips the board while simultaneously jumping up in the air. The rider will come down on the board or catch the board in mid-air. Many variations have been done including the Double Finger Flip, Varial Finger Flip, Backhand Finger Flips, and 360 Finger Flips. There are fakie versions of all the Finger Flips. An Ollie Finger Flip is considered the hardest variation of a Finger Flip because the rider must Ollie first before initiating the Finger Flip. Professional Darryl Grogan is known for his Ollie 360 Finger Flip. Rodney Mullen is known to use an Ollie Varial Finger Flip in many of his runs and video footage.

    Trick Tips

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