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1. Introduction
2. The Main Page
3. Lists
4. Categories
5. Searching

The "Main Page"

When you navigate to http://freestylekb.com/wiki/ the first page you will see is the Main Page.

Main Page

Note: The current menus may be different than how they appear at the time of this writing.

Lists Section

Over on the right side of the Main Page welcome message, You will see links to several lists. These will be covered in more detail on the Lists page.

Links to Lists


Just below the Welcome message, you will see an Index listing every letter in the alphabet. Simply click on one of the letters to show a list of all the pages that start with that letter.

Main Page Index

Note: All of the pages that start with a letter after the selected letter are also shown. For example, if you click the letter "S", you will see all of the pages that begin with the letter "S", "T", "U", and so on. It doesn't automatically filter out the ones that come after.


Below the index on the left, you will see the main Contents. This is basically a list of all of the root categories in this Wiki. This list is dynamically generated so the list will automatically change as categories are added, updated or deleted.

Main Page Contents

Latest Section

To the right of the Contents, you'll see the Latest section which lists news and other recently added and modified pages.

"Latest" section listing News and recently added/updated pages

SideBar Contents

The Contents listed in the SideBar is a static list of some of the most popular categories. This list appears on every page of the wiki and provides you with a quick way to get to the most commonly viewed categories, without having to search or go back to the main page.

FSKB SideBar

Mobile Frontend

FSKB also has a mobile frontend that will automatically be presented when this wiki is browsed from a mobile device.

FSKB Mobile View

You can click on the Mobile view link at the bottom of the page to switch to the mobile view, or when it mobile view, the link will be labeled Desktop, which will allow you to switch from mobile to the desktop view.

FSKB Mobile Frontend Link

Note: the mobile view does not display the categories section that normally appear at the bottom of every page, so if you want to see them, you will have to switch to the desktop view on your mobile device.

Example categories section of pages in Desktop view

Getting Back to the Main Page

In the upper left corner of every page in this wiki, you will see the FSKB logo. You can click this logo image (or the "Main page" link below it, in the SideBar) from any page to bring you back to the Main Page.

FSKB Wiki Logo and Main Page Link in SideBar

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