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1. Introduction
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5. Searching

Every page, category and image is indexed so finding what you are looking for is very easy, provided that the content has sufficient detail to match your search criteria.

To search for specific keywords, simply type them into the search box in the upper right corner of every page and press Enter or click the magnifying glass to start the search.

Search Box

In most cases, I have gone through the extra effort of describing the visual details of each piece of equipment in order to facilitate meaningful searches. Some of the details on pages might seem superfluous at first glance, but it is all of the sake of giving users something to search for.

For example, lets say you wanted to search for a certain deck. You can't remember whose deck it was, but you remember that the graphics had a moon and a rabbit on it. If you typed the words "rabbit moon" into the search box, the results would turn up the MODE Mike Osterman "Fortune" Freestyle Deck.

Search Box

Once the search results page is displayed, you will also be able to limit or expand the scope of your search to search everything, or you could just search multimedia for a specific image.

This concludes this basic tour of the site. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send your questions through the Contact link.

Thanks for visiting!