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Exodus Skateboards
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Short Name Exodus
Long Name Exodus Skateboards
Products and Services
Area served UK
Freestyle Team
Freestyle Team Riders
Other Information
Founded 2003
Founders Tony Gale & Ryan Fitzpatrick
Defunct 2005
Slogan Exodus.... Join The Revolution.
Country United Kingdom

Exodus Homepage, circa 2003 Internet Time Machine

Exodus Homepage, circa 2005 Internet Time Machine

Exodus was a British freestyle team and 100% freestyler-owned skateboard company located in the UK, founded by Tony Gale & Ryan Fitzpatrick in the 2003. Sadly this venture was short-lived and lasting only 18 months, without ever producing a board or finishing their full "Genesis" freestyle video. You can, however, see the team in all their glory in the "Genesis" trailer video below.

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