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Alternate Names End Walk, End-Walk, Monster Walk
Difficulty Level Basic
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An Endwalk is a series of Backside pivots that make it look like you are walking. Rolling forward, you do a backside pivot to Fakie and then immediately do another backside pivot back to a forward roll. You should remain facing forward the whole time, swinging your arms in the opposite direction of the pivots to maintain that forward facing position. Although this is a beginner trick, it does take a some practice to do it smoothly.

Endwalks can also be done going backwards, with alternating Frontside pivots. This looks a bit like a moonwalk and goes well with any Michael Jackson music. In fact, Eduardo Bandeira did these to "Billie Jean" during his runs at the 2016 World Round-Up.

Video by Toshiaki Fujii and Masahiro Fujii of Freestyle-Sk8.com