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Short Hand End-Over
Long Hand 180 Nose Pivot to Fakie to 180 Tail Pivot
Alternate Names Endover, End Over
Difficulty Level Basic
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Common Variations

An end-over a series of 180 degree Pivots and can be done frontside and backside but both start on the nose (or on the tail when rolling Fakie). While rolling forward, pressure is placed on the nose just enough to lift the back wheels. Once the back wheels are lifted, the rider turns either Frontside or Backside 180 degrees with the nose acting as a pivot point. This is all done quickly, you do not stall on any part. When the 180 pivot is done, you quickly do another in reverse. If you originally did a 180 Frontside Pivot, you will now do a 180 Backside Pivot. When these 180 Pivots are done in consecutive lines, they are considered End-Overs (End Over End). It is not uncommon for Freestyle Skateboarders to throw in harder Pivots in to the mix of 180 Pivots. A rider may do a string of 180 Pivots where every two 180 Pivots he follows with one 360 Pivot.

Trick Tips

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