Decomposed Russ Howell Street/Flatland Deck

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Original product image and description from circa 2006


Make Decomposed
Skater Russ Howell
Model Street/Flatland
Width 7.625" (194 mm)
Length 31" (787 mm)
BIS # 7.625"-31"-------
Nose Length 6.625" (168 mm)
Tail Length 6.625" (168 mm)
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Semi-Round
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Concave Medium
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Features a black one-tone image center-board of Russ Howell doing a handstand on a board. "Russ Howell" is written in large bubble letters just below the image and above the rear truck mounting holes. "Pro Model by Decomposed is written in black letters on the tail.
Colors Natural Wood
Special Features Comes with a free card signed by Russ himself
Introductory Price $32.00
Release Date 2005
Discontinued 2007
Retail Availability 2005-2007