Decomposed Rodney Mullen Chess Piece Deck

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Decomposed Rodney Mullen Chess Piece Deck 2015.jpg


Make Decomposed
Skater Rodney Mullen
Model Chess Piece
Width 7.5" (191 mm)
Length 29.25" (743 mm)
Wheelbase 13.5" (343 mm)
BIS # 7.5"-29.25"-------
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Rounded Blunt
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Flat
Deck Shape Modified classic "Mullen - Horse Food" shape
Concave Medium
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Features a chessboard with two bishops wearing feather plume helmets in the background, the queen in the center being held by a large skeleton arm extending down from the nose, and a flaming knight falling down at the tail. The skeleton arm is decorated with a light blue shredded ribbon with the words "DECOMPOSED" and "RODNEY MULLEN" written in black bold letters. A small Crab Scrambly keyhole logo appears on the tail, just below the knight. Graphics appear over a natural wood grain finish.
Colors Wood grain
Artist Crab Scrambly
Available at
Introductory Price $49.99
Release Date August 2015
Discontinued June 2017
Retail Availability 2015-2017