Decomposed Mario Steinemann Tentacled Deck

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Make Decomposed
Skater Mario Steinemann
Model Tentacled
Width 7.25" (184 mm)
Length 28.5" (724 mm)
Wheelbase 12.625" (321 mm)
BIS # 7.25"-28.5"-------
Nose Length 6" (152 mm)
Tail Length 6" (152 mm)
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Round
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Deck Shape Symmetrical
Concave Medium
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Features a cute green-eyed anime girl, with long black hair, hanging out underwater with a large purple octopus and snacking on small red squid. "MARIO" is printed in pink on the nose, with "Steinemann" printed in purple just below. The Decomposed logo is printed on the tail. The stain on the top of the board also nicely matches the color of the octopus.
Available at
Introductory Price $49.99
Release Date June 6 2017
Retail Availability 2017
Contributors Witter Cheng