Decomposed Kevin Harris Vampire Beaver 2 Deck

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Decomposed Kevin Harris Vampire Beaver 2 Deck 2016-06-23.jpg
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Make Decomposed
Skater Kevin Harris
Model Vampire Beaver 2
Width 7.25" (184 mm)
Length 28" (711 mm)
Wheelbase 11.75" (299 mm)
BIS # 7.25"-28"-------
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Blunt
Kicktail Single Kick
Rails Flat
Concave Ultra Mild (Almost Flat)
Mounting Holes Standard
Colors Reddish wood grain
Introductory Price $49.99
Release Date June 23 2016
Discontinued December 2017


Features a vampire beaver with sharp buckteeth wearing a Canadian Mountie uniform holding a skull over a yellow sergeant insignia, with "Harris" written in the top bar. Sort of mimics Kevin Harris' original Powell Peralta graphics. Main graphic appears over a grey wood grain background. "Decomposed Skateboards" is written below the graphic in small black uppercase print.