Decomposed Keith Renna Back From The Dead Deck

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Decomposed Keith Renna Back from the Dead Deck.jpg
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Make Decomposed
Skater Keith Renna
Model Back from the Dead
Width 7.4" (188 mm)
Length 29.625" (753 mm)
Wheelbase 13.75" (349 mm)
BIS # 7.4"-29.625"-------
Nose Shape Blunt Point
Tail Shape Blunt Point
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Deck Shape Symmetrical
Concave Medium
Mounting Holes Standard
Colors White
Introductory Price $42.99
Release Date 2009
Discontinued 2009
Retail Availability 2009
Contributors Keith Renna


Graphics feature the decomposed zombie of Keith rising from his grave. The silhouettes of other gravestones litter the background. "Keith Renna" is printed in hot pink in Old English font, just above the rear Mounting Holes, and the Decomposed logo appears above the graphic, just below the front Mounting Holes.