Decomposed Hans HAZZE Lindgren Crowbar Deck

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Decomposed Hans HAZZE Lindgren Crowbar Deck 2018.jpg
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Make Decomposed
Skater Hans "HAZZE" Lindgren‏‎
Model Crowbar
Width 7.4" (188 mm)
Length 27.5" (699 mm)
Wheelbase 12.63" (321 mm)
BIS # 7.4"-27.5"-------
Nose Length 5.25" (133 mm)
Tail Length 5.5" (140 mm)
Nose Shape Blunt
Tail Shape Blunt
Kicktail Single Kick
Deck Shape Classic 80's Shape with rocker nose
Concave Flat
Mounting Holes Standard
Artist Crab Scrambly
Special Features Rocker nose. Designed for old school Kickflips and Finger Flips.
Introductory Price $49.99
Release Date August 24 2018
Retail Availability 2018

This release is similar to the 2015 Decomposed Hans HAZZE Lindgren Original Crowbar Deck, but this version was made with an original 1980's nose rocker mold. Witter duplicated the original mold and had an entire new mold created just for Hazze. This was about a year in the making.


Features a bar for crows in a haunted graveyard, in a corn field. The bar sign reads "Witter's Crow Bar". Two crows are at the bar drinking beers together. A casket with a skeleton crow sitting up and two headstones are on the tail end. And there are two crows sitting at a table at the nose end of the board, with one crow threatening the other with a large dagger. "Hans Lindgren" is printed on the left of the bar and "Decomposed" is printed on the right.

The graphics are just like the original Decomposed Hans HAZZE Lindgren Original Crowbar Deck, but they have some slight color varations. Changes include a gloomy sky, glare in mirror, blue moon, light blue lettering, darker wood, darker tombstones, darkened skull on the left tombstone, blue teeth on the birdhouse, light blue grooves on the mugs, and a red drop of blood dripping from the skull.

Color variation comparison with the Decomposed Hans HAZZE Lindgren Original Crowbar Deck Facebook


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