Decomposed Guenter Mokulys 2006 Destructobot Model Deck

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Decomposed Gunter Mokulys 2006 Destructobot Model Deck.jpg
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Make Decomposed
Skater Guenter Mokulys
Model 2006 Destructobot Model
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Mounting Holes Standard
Colors Natural wood
Release Date 2006
Discontinued 2007
Retail Availability 2006-2007


Feature a destructive-looking robot center-board. The robot is sporting spiked forearms, pincher claws, rockets in it's feet and horns on its head. A skull is printed on its shoulders and the Decomposed logo appears on its torso. Three silver nuts and bolts each are randomly spread throughout the background. "GUNTER MOKULYS" appears below the robot in large gold letters with a black outline, and "2006 Destructobot Model" is written in black letters below the name. Metallic glitter ink was used for portions of these graphics.

Decomposed Gunter Mokulys 2006 Destructobot Model Deck Closeup.jpg