Daniel Greschner

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Daniel Greschner
Daniel Greschner.png
Daniel Greschner
Internet Links
Links Email Address Instagram YouTube
Native Name

Daniel Greschner
Nickname Gresch
Division Amateur
Nationality Flag of Germany.png German
Gender Male
Location London/UK,
Home Town Sangerhausen/Germany
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Style Allround
Born 1986
Skating Since 1995
Sponsors None
Favorite Stuff
Food Pizza
Music Metal, Hip Hop, Classic
Skaters Alexander Rademaker, Takashi Suzuki, Tony Gale, Robert Wagner, Denham Hill, Turi Zoltan, Mike Osterman
Skate Spots That crappy small skatepark i grew up skating
Tricks Pogos, Blunt Stalls, Crooked Grinds, Hippie Flips


Gresch is well known for having problems with his laces during contest runs

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