Crossfoot Pogo

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Crossfoot Pogo
Daniel Greschner (regular) - Crossfoot Pogo (screenshot)
Short Hand Crossfoot Pogo
Long Hand Crossfoot No Handed Pogo
Alternate Names Pretzel Pogo
Difficulty Level Advanced
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions into Crossfoot Pogo Tailstop, Switchfoot Pogo
Transitions out of Crossfoot Pogo Drop Mount Casper, Switchfoot Pogo

The Crossfoot Pogo is a Variation of the No-Handed Pogo where the board has an upright position with the front foot standing on the truck and the back foot crossed behind the other leg and hooked under the board. The easiest way to get into a Crossfoot Pogo is from a Switchfoot Pogo but it's also possible to go in straight from a tailstop. To get out of it you can simply go back to a Switchfoot Pogo, use your front foot on the truck to flip out like with a No-Handed 50/50 or let your board drop to the ground and catch it in a Drop Mount Casper.