Casper to Rail

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Casper to Rail
Long Hand Casper to Heelside Railstand
Difficulty Level Intermediate
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions into Casper to Rail
Transitions out of Casper to Rail
  • Railflip
  • Rail Whip
  • Reintges Flip
  • The Casper to Rail is just what it sounds like. You start off in a Casper and then you flip the board 180 degrees back into a Heelside Railstand. This is a very common transitional trick to do from a Rail to Casper. This one takes takes bit of finesse and practice to learn, but Tony Gale's trick tip below will walk you through all of the ins and outs of the trick, so you should be able to pick this one up in no time.

    Trick Tips

    Check out Tony Gale's trick tip at