Calf Wrap

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Calf Wrap
Alternate Names
  • Flamingo
  • Figure Four
Inventor Derek Belen
Difficulty Level Intermediate
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Variations
Variations Kickflip to Railstand to Flamingo Out

A Calf Wrap is where the skater using one foot wraps the board around their other leg which is planted on the ground, then unwraps it to land back in a riding position. Mike Vallely helped bringing popularity to the trick. "Flamingo or Figure Four" was the original way of doing it because it looks like a Flamingo or the number 4 - where the board is touching the inside knee/thigh. This trick had little use till later faster versions were perfected (to accommodate the backside 180 re-entry on banks and ramps)Thus "wrapping your calf" instead of your knee. Invented by Derek Belen, made popular by Rey Gregorio, then perfected by Dorian Tucker, and Kris Markovich.