2017 The Ultimate Skateboarder 1

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2017 The Ultimate Skateboarder 1
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Contest Series The Ultimate Skateboarder
Anniversary 1st
Country International Flag of Planet Earth Icon.jpg The World
Location Online
Dates July 1 - August 17st
Times 24/7
Year 2017
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The Ultimate Skateboarder 1 (TUS 1) was a global Online Freestyle Flatground Skateboarding Contest held from July 1st to August 17th. It was first announced to previous participants of The World Freestyle Round-Up by Hippie Mike on June 27, 2017. It was open to anyone, of any age, worldwide. 36 contestants from 15 countries competed in the event.

To enter, contestants submitted a 1 min+ highlight video. The videos were then judged in three stages based on creativity, aesthetic style and technical difficulty.[2]

  • Round 1 consisted of online audience popularity voting to determine the top 20 qualifiers. This stage took place from July 1st to August 8th, 2017. It was originally scheduled to go from July 1st to July 31st, but was extended for another week.
  • Round 2 used Peer Voting to decide the top 10 finalists. This ran from August 9th to August 14th.
  • Round 3 was scored by an expert panel of judges consisting of Chris Haslam, Hippie Mike, Jay Mandarino, Kevin Harris, Kyle Dion, Per Welinder and Sean Mortimer. This took place from August 15th to the 16th.

The winner and top 10 official standings were announced on August 17th, 2017, with Mike Osterman taking 1st place.[3]


Open Division Round 3

Expert Panel (August 15th - 16th)

Open Round 3 Results
Position Skater Name Country Best Score Prize Details
1st Mike Osterman USA 588 $2,000 Details
2nd Kilian Martin Spain 577 $1,000 Details
3rd Cristobal Bahamonde Chile 571 $500 Details
4th Connor Burke USA 569 $400 Details
5th Jesse Whalen USA 560 $350 Details
6th Masahiro Fujii (藤井 雅博) Japan 524 $300 Details
7th Beau Trifiro USA 505 $250 Details
8th Yuta Fujii (藤井 裕大) Japan 499 $200 Details
9th Nick Beaulieu USA 472 $150 Details
10th Sean Burke USA 468 $100 Details

Open Division Round 2

Peer Voting (Aug 9th - 14th)[4]

Open Round 2 Results
Position Skater Name Country Best Score Prize Details
1st Cristobal Bahamonde Chile Details
2nd Nick Beaulieu USA Details
3rd Connor Burke USA Details
4th Sean Burke USA Details
5th Masahiro Fujii (藤井 雅博) Japan Details
6th Yuta Fujii (藤井 裕大) Japan Details
7th Kilian Martin Spain Details
8th Mike Osterman USA Details
9th Beau Trifiro USA Details
10th Jesse Whalen USA Details

Open Division Round 1

Audience Popularity Voting (July 1st - August 8th)[5]

Open Round 1 Results
Position Skater Name Country Best Score Prize Details
1st Jesse Whalen USA 44.18M Details
2nd Mike Osterman USA 32.91M Details
3rd Kilian Martin Spain 26.59M Details
4th Matt Smithies United Kingdom 24.00M Details
5th Cristobal Bahamonde Chile 23.17M Details
6th Connor Burke USA 20.20M Details
7th Ryan Brynelson Canada 17.95M Details
8th Alexandre Feliz Chile 17.39M Details
9th Masahiro Fujii (藤井 雅博) Japan 17.21M Details
10th Ikkei Nagao (長尾 一慧) Japan 17.12M Details
11th Yuta Fujii (藤井 裕大) Japan 16.54M Details
12th Beau Trifiro USA 15.99M Details
13th Sto Strouss USA 15.92M Details
14th Isamu Yamamoto (山本 勇) Japan 12.98M Details
15th Sean Burke USA 12.76M Details
16th Jordan Sterling Canada 12.65M Details
17th Nick Beaulieu USA 12.13M Details
18th Turi Zoltan Hungary 11.48M Details
19th Chadd Sinclair Canada 11.34M Details
20th Rafał Lipiec Poland 11.02M Details


Contestant World Map

Online Competition Format

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TUS 1 had over $5,000 in cash prizes and more.


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