Backside 180 Shove-It

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Backside 180 Shove-It
Short Hand 180 Shuv
Long Hand Backside 180 Nose Shove-It
Difficulty Level Basic
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Common Variations

The 180 Shove-It is the most basic freestyle shove-it trick. Not to be confused with the standard Shove-It, off of the Tail, this version is typically Backside, initiated off of the nose. While rolling forward, with your front foot pointing directly forward on the nose, you hop up and flick the board into the 180 Backside rotation with your front foot while kicking in the same direction with your back foot, then landing back into a forward roll. This trick can, of course, also be done Frontside as a Frontside 180 Shove-It. Once you have this trick down, you can move on up to the 360 Shove-It.

Trick Tips

Check out Tony Gale's trick tip at