Stuart Singer

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Stuart Singer
Stuart Singer doing a Gorilla Grip over the photographer (Circa 1976)
Native Name

Stuart Singer
Pronunciation STEW-ART SING-ER
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Gender Male
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Occupation CEO
Company Stuart’s Paint ‘N Body
Born 1962
Deck Models Stuart Singer Decks

Signature Decks

Stuart Singer pioneered what we know as the “Freestyle” skateboard shape with his signature board released in 1978 by Variflex. With a more “square-ish” nose to match the tail. Later in 1984, Kryptonics re-released his board. Stuart won 1st place for Sponsored Males age 13-15 in the Oceanside Amateur Freestyle Contest 1978, and 1st place sponsored men age 16-18 in the Oceanside Freestyle Nationals 1979.