Shell Shock Skateboards

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Shell Shock Skateboards
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Short Name Shell Shock
Long Name Shell Shock Skateboards
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Decks, Skid Plates
Retail Products Sold Decks, Grip Tape, Skid Plates, Trucks
Decks Shell Shock Skateboards Decks
Skid Plates Shell Shock Skateboards Skid Plates
Freestyle Team
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Other Information
Founded 2012
Founder Tony Gomes
Address Line 1 PO Box 65201
City San Antonio
State TX
Zip Code 78265
Country USA
Phone (210) 725-9041

Shell Shock Skateboards provides High-Quality American made Decks. Each deck is made up of 7 layers of hard rock American maple veneer and they alternate the wood grain while gluing each side of veneer with an industrial wood glue made specifically for skateboards. Then the layers are pressed with over 30 tons of pressure in a CNC cut mold for a perfect shape. From the press each deck is cut out to size then hand shaped and sanded with extra fine grit for smoothness. Each deck is sealed twice with a clear glossy lacquer. Finally, the decks are silk screened with a quality design.

To order, contact Tony at the Email or Phone # specified on the right. Home Page circa 2016