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Risers (AKA Riser Pads) are pads that you mount between your Deck and Trucks which are used to absorb shock, or to raise the profile of your trucks. You can get them in various thicknesses and they come in hard plastic, hard rubber or foam, depending on their application.

Riser Types

Hard Plastic Risers
These are used to raise the profile of your trucks for more stability in rail, better clearance for Nose Wheelies/G-Turns, and more pop for Ollies.
Shock Pads
These are made out of hard rubber and are used to make your ride smoother and your landings more comfortable by absorbing shock. They also help muffle the sound of landings so they are a bit quieter.
Foam Anti-Vibration Risers
These aren't really designed to be risers, but are meant to help kill vibration, keep your hardware tight and your ride quieter.