Reverse Freestyle 55mm/101A Wheels

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Reverse Freestyle 55mm 101A Wheels 2011.JPG
Reverse Freestyle 55mm/101A Wheels - circa 2011
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Make Reverse Freestyle
Model 55mm/101A Freestyle
Width 1.34" (34 mm)
Durometer 101A
Diameter 55 mm (2.17")
Bearing seat Offset
Lip Round
Design Designed By Lynn Cooper
Colors Black
Introductory Price $28.00
Release Date 2011
Discontinued 2014
Retail Availability 2011-2014


Both sides feature "Reverse Freestyle 101A" on top and bottom in white letters, with Reverse logo on the left and "55mm" on the right.


Reverse Freestyle wheels. These wheels are not only designed to be flipped around if you start wearing them down but they're also designed to roll foward and backwards so you can ride your board either direction. Mr. Cooper recommend that you use axle nuts when installing the wheels to your trucks. Several tests has proven that if you dont install the axle nuts onto your front truck, the wheels will fly off as you spin 360s. Sure, it's fun to see the wheels fly off, provided you are not skating on a pier somewhere. - Witter Cheng [1]



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