Oust Bushing Caps

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Oust Bushing Caps.jpg


Make Oust
Model Bushings Washers
Material 7075 - T6 Aluminum
Colors Silver
Special Features Designed to keep your bushing firmly in place and eliminate performance-robbing bushing bulge.
Available at oustbearings.com
Product Webpage oustbearings.com
Introductory Price $6.95
Quantity Set of 2 per package
Release Date 2005
Retail Availability 2005+
Pros Provides the ultimate rigidity and stabilization for traditional freestyle and won't dig into your bushings like many stock bushing washer do. When combined with Khiro KBAC-1 98A Aluminum Insert Bushings you can get a seriously tight truck.
Cons Expensive
Skated by John Sargent