One Skateboard Company

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One Skateboard Company
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Short Name One Skateboard Co.
Long Name One Skateboard Company
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Decks, Lessons
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Other Information
Founded 2006
Founder AJ Kohn
Owner AJ Kohn
Address Line 1 3245 Amber St.
City Philadelphia
State PA
Zip Code 19134
Country USA
Phone 215-605-5840
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Started in 2006 by two friends One Skateboards has branched out in several directions but has always more then just your "run of the mill" skateboard company.

Lead by the vision of top modern Pro Freestyler and skateboard activist AJ Kohn and enriched by everyone who has been apart of this project, One Skateboards has broken new ground in what it means to be a skateboard company by tying in social and community responsibility, education, creativity and product innovation.

One definition: Individual or united group of individuals. Its both singular and plural as it connects with mind, body and soul.

Being that skateboarding is diverse in its creative and technical aspects in addition to the various forms practiced and equipment utilized, we believe that all forms are related and relevant so no matter what you ride or how you ride. If you are skateboarding and enjoying yourself that's what we believe in.

Our products are all team tested and designed. We produce various shapes of 7 ply Canadian Maple Decks as well as have the US licencee for Tip Technology Decks the only patented deck construction that eliminates chips and maintains "pop" longer then any other board on the market.

We have always been about giving back to our community and help skateboarding grow through the grass roots initiatives that we engage and involved.

Such initiatives as Franklins Paine, Gear for Groms,The Philly Cup, The Collective Arts Center, Grind For Life, Fairfax Skate Fest and All Nations Skate Jam are just a few of the groups and projects for the community we are apart of over the years.

About One Skateboard Co.

One Skateboard Co. has been pushing the technical limit and creative aspects of skateboarding since 2006. By producing high quality and innovative gear, One Skateboard Co. continues to make a difference in the skate community. This company is committed to spreading the word that skateboarding is a positive and healthy pursuit that’s also fun, experimental, and unique. One Skateboard Co. specializes in developing high performance skateboard decks that riders around the world cannot help but rave about. Constructed with 100% Canadian hard rock maple, One Skateboard Co. decks are fully backed, tested, and shaped by pro riders. Durable and strong, their boards can take a beating and still remain flawless. Beginners will enjoy learning the basics on their decks and more advanced riders will have no trouble shredding hard and performing technical tricks. From cobblestone streets to questionable ditches, no type of terrain can defeat One Skateboard Co. boards! Ranging from simple to jam-packed, this company has a wide range of boards to choose from when it comes to graphics. One Skateboard Co. keeps it classy with their solid colored logo series and then goes all out with boards that feature heavily detailed artwork. Something for every personality is not a problem for this brand!

Designed by skaters for skaters, One Skateboard Co. knows how to make their riders happy. Become a loyal fan of One Skateboard Co. and keep on riding!