Oldschool Skateboards

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Oldschool Skateboards
Internet Links
Links Official Website Internet Time Machine Email Address Email Address 2
Short Name Oldschool
Long Name Oldschool Skateboards
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Decks
Retail Products Sold Accessories, Apparel, Decks, Grip Tape, Hardware, Magazines, Skid Plates, Trucks, Wheels
Other Information
Founded 2000
Defunct 2007
Country USA
Phone (877) 327-5283


Company Info

"Here at oldschool skateboards we try to constantly change the content of our website to keep it fresh for all our customers. The products we have listed are just a small selection of the classic skateboards we have in stock. At last count our warehouse had over 6,000 oldschool skateboard decks. The count is shrinking rapidly as the most sought after decks are selling out daily. If you don't see what your looking for give us a call, we just may have that classic deck you once skated! We also offer quantity discounts and special deals to regular customers. We also strive to satisfy our customers. When all the original freestyle decks sold out we contacted some old pro freestylers and had them help with the design of the new freestyle decks. After receiving tons of positive feedback, we believe we have designed the ultimate freestyle deck! Check one out, you'll be surprised. Some of the other Big Dogs were quick to follow suit with Indy's re-release of the 101 freestyle truck. Word has it that a few other big name companies are soon to follow. We have a limited supply of the original Tracker Halftrack and Midtrack freestyle trucks, grab them fast! We look forward to all your feedback and hope to receive much more in the future!"

Oldschool Skateboards was also sponsored by East Coast Skateboards.

oldschoolskateboards.net Home Page circa 2000

oldschoolskateboards.net Home Page circa 2002

Oldschoolskateboards.net Freestyle Page circa 2005