Nicotine Wheel Company

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Nicotine Wheel Company
Internet Links
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Short Name Nicotine
Long Name Nicotine Wheel Company
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Bearings, Decks, Wheels, Accessories
Retail Products Sold Accessories, Bearings, Decks, Trucks, Wheels
Wheels Nicotine Wheel Company Wheels
Other Information
Founded 2001
Defunct 2005
Address Name Nicotine Wheel Co.
Address Line 1 11299 Station Rd., Unit B
City Worton
State MD
Zip Code 21678
Country USA

RIP.jpg Home Page circa 2002

Nicotine was a 1990s-2000s wheel company that was backed by East Coast Urethane.

Nicotine History

Nicotine is an East Coast based wheel company. All our wheels are designed and manufactured on the East Coast. The company was started in response to the popularity and respectability of east coast skating. The product line includes: Pro and Team model skateboard wheels, skateboard decks, bearings, risers, hardware, hats, and clothing. Our urethane formula has been proven consistant and durable by many pros in the past and continues to be tested daily by our Pro Team and many skaters all around the world. Nicotine will always remain on the forefront of design, testing, and quality workmanship! Nicotine 2001 includes an all new Blackcore line of wheels that feature a split urethane pour that features a rock hard 75d urethane core surrounded by a hard 101a urethane tread. The split pour method creates a chemical bond between the two hardness urethanes and the results are the hardest, fastest wheels in the industry! Fast enough to propell Nicotine pro Mizael Simao to win the Vans Warp Tour Chamionships 2001! In an industry full of imitators and followers, we are innovators. Our 2001 team reflects this innovation: Nate Sherwood has a bag of technical tricks that no one in the industry can duplicate. Mizael Simao brings his streetsyle technical tricks to the vert as was proven at this years Hermosa Beach Soul Bowl with his winning best trick : frontside kickflip noseslide up the extension! Fabio Frugis can all out rip on any terrain including the monster hot wheels style kicker ramps! Jared Faustino is our street ripper but will also annihalate any terrain you can put in front of him including pools and big transitions. Rodd Marks is our underground skater, hes been around the industry for a long time. Rodd skated for Birdhouse in the early 90's only to disappear from the scene and just recently resurfaced with more skills than ever. Cooper Wilt is absolutely the sickest Am we have ever seen. Coops combinations of streestyle tech tricks and monster handrails will make most pros jealous. The rest of the 2001 amateur and flow team were also picked for their unique skating styles. In an industry were 98% of the companies and skaters are alike, we thrive on the other 2% of the industry. Skating is about having fun and being punk, not trying to fit in with everyone else. BE ORIGINAL!!!

Returns Policy

Returns are easy, and for most returns there's no need to contact them.

Within 15 days of reciept of your shipment (including gifts), you may return any of the following items, for any reason, for a full refund. [We'll even refund the shipping cost if the return is a result from our error]:

  • Any skateboard deck that has not been used and griptape has not been applied.
  • Any skateboard wheel that has not been used.
  • Any unopened media (CD, DVD, VHS Tape, or video game)
  • Any type of clothing that has not been used (T-Shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, pants, shoes, and headwear)
  • Any other item in new condition with original packaging and accessories.

If you are returning any item due to manufacturers defects or breakage you must contact the manufacturer directly.

Please note that we can process returns and refunds only for items purchased from We cannot exchange items unless they are damaged. All returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.

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