Momentum Kevin Harris M-80 Freestyle Wheels

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Skull Skates x Momentum Kevin Harris M-80 Freestyle Wheel.jpg
Skull Skates & Momentum Kevin Harris M-80 Freestyle Wheels circa 2013
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Make Skull Skates
Skater Kevin Harris
Model M-80 Freestyle
Width 1.5" (38 mm)
Durometer 99A
Diameter 55 mm (2.17")
Contact Patch 28 mm (1.1")
Bearing seat Deep Offset
Core Yes
Lip Round
Design Designed by Kevin Harris from Skull Skates and Momentum Wheel Company.
Colors Black
Special Features Treaded surface
Introductory Price $47.99
Release Date December 2, 2013
Discontinued 2016
Retail Availability 2013-2016


Outside-facing edge features a "Kevin Harris" at the top, a skeleton on the left, Skull Skates logo on the right, and "M-80 Freestyle" on the bottom. All text and graphics are in white. The inside edge features a large skeleton from chest to skull, across the right 2/3's of the wheel.