Michael Erskine

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Michael Erskine
Internet Links
Links Official Website Google+
Native Name

Michael Stewart Erskine
Nickname Mick, MSEMTD
Division Amateur
Nationality Flag of the United Kingdom.png British
Gender Male
Location Nottingham, England
Stance Goofy
Pushing Method Regular Push
Style "Loose-Truck" Style
Occupation Software Engineer
Skating Since September 1977
Favorite Stuff
Food Corn on the cob
Hobbies Speedcubing, Perl mongering, Memorising Pi


Michael Erskine is a longtime British amateur freestyle skateboarder. He is also a serious tech guru and a crew member of The Freestyle Podcast.

FSKB Contest History

Feature Video

Michael's 2nd run at the 2015 Paderborn BBQ Freestyle Contest. Video by Danny "Darkslide" Klahold.