MODE 99A Freestyle Wheels

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Mode 99A Freestyle Wheels Blue Set.jpg
Blue Set
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Make MODE Skateboards
Model MODE 99A Freestyle Wheels
Width 1.375″ (35 mm)
Durometer 99A
Diameter 55 mm (2.17")
Contact Patch 25 mm (0.98")
Bearing seat Deeply Offset
Formula Superior quality urethane
Feel Smooth yet responsive
Lip Round
Design Modeled after the OJ Freestyle wheels. Santa Cruz OJII Freestyle 95A Wheels & Santa Cruz OJII Freestyle 97A Wheels
Colors Natural White, Light Blue
Graphics Features "MODE SKATEBOARDS" in bold font with "freestyle" in light blue cursive with "55mm/99A" in small black font.
Origin USA
Reviews Review by Bob Loftin from The Freestyle Podcast
Release Date September 18, 2015

The MODE Freestyle Wheels feature a deep offset that provides maximum axle coverage and come in two Durometers, 99A and a softer 95A. These custom-shaped wheels also feature a slightly narrowed Contact Patch for a quicker-turning, more-responsive ride. Modeled after the Santa Cruz OJII Freestyle 95A Wheels. Poured in the USA from superior quality urethane. These are really awesome wheels!


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