MODE "Freestyle Chimp" Deck

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Make MODE Skateboards
Model Freestyle Chimp Deck
Width 7.4" (188 mm)
Length 29.4" (747 mm)
Wheelbase 13.75" (349 mm)
BIS # 7.4"-29.4"-------
Nose Length 5.75" (146 mm)
Tail Length 5.75" (146 mm)
Nose Shape Blunt
Tail Shape Blunt
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Flat
Deck Shape Symmetrical
Concave Medium
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Features a smiling chimp doing a one handed handstand on a skateboard (If he is as cool as I think he is, he is probably preparing for a one-handed handstand kickflip). The chimp is holding a cassette tape walkman and is wearing a hat, headphones, sunglasses, multiple watches in various colors on each wrist, shorts, knee-pads and striped socks. Bobby Brown's initials "BB" can be see next to the right wheel and "MODE Skateboards is written below, right above the rear truck. Hand screen printed.
Colors 8 colors:
Light Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Artist Bobby Brown @bobbydrawsskullz
Origin Made in USA
Available at
Release Date June 2014
Discontinued 2016
Retail Availability 2014-2016
Misc Superseded by the MODE "Birdcage" Freestyle Deck