Lewis "Gingerbred" Hand Casper Industries Interview

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Lewis "Gingerbred" Hand Casper Industries Interview
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Skater Lewis "Gingerbred" Hand
Interviewer Casper Industries
Date October 14, 2002

1. When did you start skating / freestyling?

I've been skating most of my life, you know messing around as a kid and that sort of stuff, but I really got into it 3 or 4 years ago, I got into flatland a few months after that just mixing flatland and street until I totally phased street out completely.

2. What appealed to you then and now about freestyle versus street and vert skating?

I always preferred the face that Flatland is as expressive as skateboarding can get, you can do it absolutely and only your imagination can limit what you can learn. Street skating has become very dull its always someone kickflipping a bin, or kickflipping a funbox, its all the same and its all been done, no one is being innovative. Plus, you don't focus your board half as much doing flatland. haha.

3. What are your favorite tricks or type of tricks?

Shuvit and rail variations, Darkside and Darkslide variations and Scorpions (Flanges) too, I guess there my real favorites.

4. How do you feel about the freestyle "revival" that seems to be happening?

Its great, Its what I've been working for over the last few years, bombarding magazines with letters etc. just to get Flatland a tiny bit of the spot light it deserves. Hopefully one day we will have a sport that can be as big if not bigger than Flatland BMX and how that exists with the BMX sports.

5. Any word of encouragement for the freestylers that are still out there today or anyone thinking about starting?

Work hard; show the world there's more to skating than what's shown in the main stream, your imagination will be your only limit!

6. Is there anything you would like to add?

Skate hard, the world is flat!

Oh and "I like Yak's"