Keith Butterfield

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Keith Butterfield
Keith Butterfield - Butter Flip.png
Keith Butterfield (Butter Flip) circa 2009
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Nickname "KB", "Butter", "Trickster", "Daddy" or "1st Sgt"
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Gender Male
Location Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii
Home Town San Diego, California
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Born 1967
Skating Since 1980
Deck Models Keith Butterfield Decks
Tricks Invented



Awards Keith was inducted to the "Freestyle Hall of Fame" in Oct. 2008 by The World Freestyle Skateboard Association (WFSA).

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In the early 1980’s Keith won 16 out of 16 international amateur freestyle contests, turned pro and stayed in the top five in the world for two years before disappearing for 24 years. Keith picked up skating again in July 2008 and is now doing contest, demos, and jams for fun and a creative outlet. Keith placed 3rd pro masters, 3rd pro division, 2nd pro battle, and 3rd 360’s last year in his first contest back to the scene.

Keith was inducted to the ‘Freestyle Hall of Fame’ in Oct. 2008 by The World Freestyle Skateboard Association (WFSA). Keith is also a board member and co–founder of Armed Forces Skateboard association (AFSA).

Keith is a 1st Sgt in the United States Marine Corps and has been serving his Country for 19 years. He is a father of three and a professional flatland skateboarder. Keith recently returned home from 7 months in Iraq and was so hyped on having skateboarding in his life again that he even took a deck to Iraq. There in the desert heat he practiced his craft and was able to create three flatland videos on a small platform during his down time. Keith is well known for a trick he created in 1983 called the ‘Butter Flip’, a trick that is still popular today.

Keith is a Christian man and is lead by the lord. He enjoys mentoring the youth and does skate demos for youth groups all over Southern California; such as the Boy Scouts, local high school events, and church youth groups. He gives his testimony, talks about self discipline, making good choices, and what skateboarding and the military has done in his life. He does tricks for the groups and then spends time teaching them tricks. Keith enjoys writing articles and has recently had a few published in Concrete Wave Skateboarding Magazine.

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