How to Freestyle Skateboarding 1 DVD

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How to Freestyle Skateboarding 1
How to Freestyle Skateboarding 1 DVD Cover.jpg
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Genre Instructional
Format DVD
Direction Masahiro Fujii & Toshiaki Fujii
Related shows How to Freestyle Skateboarding 2 DVD
Original Price 2,480円


How to Freestyle Skateboarding is a Freestyle instructional video produced by the Fujii brothers Masahiro Fujii and Toshiaki Fujii in Japan. It teaches the fundamentals with clear instructions and in a progressive fashion.

Note: This DVD is only available for domestic shipment in Japan.

Basic Skills Taught

  1. Push (プッシュ)
  2. Breaking (ブレーキング)
  3. Tic Tac (チクタク)
  4. Turn (ターン)

Freestyle Tricks Taught

  1. End Walk (エンドウォーク)
  2. End Over (エンドオーバー)
  3. Dog Walk (ドッグウォーク)
  4. F/S Rail Stand (Toeside) (レイルスタンド)
  5. B/S Rail Stand (Heelside) (レイルスタンド)
  6. Railflip (レイルフリップ)
  7. Rail to Rail (レイルToレイル )
  8. Kickflip (キックフリップ)
  9. Casper (キャスパー)
  10. Finger Flip (フィンガーフリップ)
  11. Rolling Finger Flip (ランニング フィンガーフリップ)
  12. 360 Shove-It (ショービット)
  13. Pogo (ホッピング)
  14. No-Handed 50/50 (50/50キャスパー)
  15. Nosehook Impossible (インポシブル)
  16. One Step Beyond (ワンステップビヨンド)

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