German Freestyle Skateboarding Association

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German Freestyle Skateboarding Association
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Short Name GFSA
Long Name German Freestyle Skateboarding Association
Products and Services
Area served Germany
Other Information
Founded 2003
Country Germany
GFSA German Freestyle Skateboarding Association Logo.jpg

The GFSA is NOT a registered association, but a federation of equal minds who have made it their task to report on the German freestyle skateboard scene, to organize contests and other events and to be a starting point for the freestyle community.

The aim of the GFSA is to promote the freestyle skateboarding in Germany by bringing the freestyle skating closer to the public through contests, demos and shows and at the same time providing the freestyle scene with information.

In line with the World Freestyle Skateboard Association (WFSA), the GFSA as a German variant wants to return freestyle skateboarding the status it deserves. This is to be achieved, among other things, by a stronger emphasis on freestyle skateboarding in related skateboard magazines (e.g., Boardstein, Limited, MSM, etc.).