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Bonus footage of:

Format DVD
Created by Reverse Freestyle
Directed by Lynn Cooper
Production Cooper Productions LLC
Debut 2002
Original Price $24.00
Discontinued ?

Flatlands was the first movie that promoted both the old and new age of Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding. This DVD was released in 2002 by Lynn Cooper of Reverse Freestyle, Cooper Productions LLC.

Rather than throwing together a bunch of video clips, this video captures the "EXPERIENCE" of Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding. Filmed and edited by the same filmmaker that created the famous and groundbreaking Powell Peralta Bones Brigade movies in the 1980's!

In 2003, a segment from Flatlands won 1st place in the Boulder Film Festival, as best Sports video segment! State of the art filming techniques and original music were combined to capture some of the worlds top Professional Flatland skaters of today. Never before seen 80's Pro retro-footage is featured, along with some of the best modern Pro Flatland skaters of today! This is not just another thrown together rails & stairs skate video. Hundreds of hours were invested in creating this project.