Decomposed Blissful Tentacles Version 2.0 Wheels

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Decomposed Blissful Tentacles Wheels 2018-04.jpg
Photo: Decomposed
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Model Blissful Tentacles Version 2.0
Width 1.25" (32 mm)
Durometer 96A
Diameter 55 mm (2.17")
Contact Patch 19 mm (0.75")
Bearing seat Extra Deep Offset
Formula Softer formula for rough surfaces.
Feel Grippier
Shape Versatile street shape with freestyle features. Same shape as the Decomposed Mantis Wheels. (Witter's favorite shape)
Introductory Price $34.99
Release Date April 27 2018
Pros Perfect for Coconut Wheelies, Rolling Tricks and quick responsive Rail to Rail transfers.

These are the same wheels as the Decomposed Blissful Tentacles Wheels, but with a 2mm deeper offset. If you skate a 7.25" Deck with Bullet 105mm Trucks, this is a good option. If you use Independent Stage 11 109 Trucks, then the regular Decomposed Blissful Tentacles Wheels are recommended.


Graphics features a underwater diver caught in the grasp of a pink octopus' blissful tentacles. The diver is wearing a white diving suit with a neon-green diving helmet and gloves, and black boots. The wheels are a transparent blue, making it a fitting underwater sea background. "Blissful Tentacles" is printed in white up top. "55mm/96A" is printed at 3 o'clock and "decomposed is printed in black along the diver's leg.