Capital Punishment Video

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Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment DVD Cover.jpg
Format DVD
Created by Capital Skateboards
Language English
Debut 2003
Original Price $10.00
Discontinued Discontinued

Capital Punishment is a full length promotional DVD released by Capital Skateboards in 2003.

Video (Side A)


Video (Side B)



  • Side A
  • Side B
    • AM Montage #2
      • Drew Dezort @ 00:00
      • Dave Kaule @ 04:16
    • Pros
      • Mark Hart a.k.a. "Sarge" @ 07:35
      • Chris Kendall @ 12:25
      • Donny Binaco @ 14:25
      • Nate Sherwood @ 20:05
      • Jared Faustino @ 25:19
      • Rodd Marks @ 31:24
      • Credits @ 42:23


We would like to thank:

Jagermeister for helping fuel this project, Beer, Jenna Jameson, Matt Cole at Elevate Trucks, All the skaters and filmers that contributed to this project, The East Coast skateboarding scene, And all the bands that contributed to this killer soundtrack!

Nate Sherwood would like to thank:

Willy Santos, Jeremy Klien, Mom and Dad for being Rad, Jamie for putting me in the video, Tammie for being cool!, Matt Cole for his couch in S.F. and trucks, Rodd Marks for being Hardcore, Wylee Walker for being a cool bad ass!, PJ Ladd for being a ruler, Jessie Van Rockout for tolerating my emails and not calling the cops on me for stalking her...

A.J. Kohn would like to thank:

Mom, Shannon, T.Eric Monroe and the United Skateboard Association Crew, Jamie from East Coast/Nicotine, Oscar and the Bodega Family, Brian and Regis at Red Bull, Everyone who supported me/everyone who didn't, All my friends, Leon Satanoski, JJ and Willy for carting me around, FSA members, WFSA members, Skateboarding

Terry Synnott would like to thank:

My wife Jenna, My family, Jamie and Tammie at Capital and East Coast Skates, Henry Candioti, Joe Humeres, Keith Renna, AJ Kohn, JJ O'Donnell, Tommy Harward, Frank Lee, Jon Procopio, Mike Foster, Darryl Grogan, George Douville, Bob Staton, Stefan "Lillis" Akesson, Lynn Cooper, Curtis Lee, Frank Malinoski

JJ O'Donnell would like to thank:

God for all my gifts, Mom, Dad, my sister Jen for their support, My girlfriend Michelle for putting up with me, Jamie and Tammie for their support, Mr. Zdzarski, for challenging me, All my close friends on the East Coast, All the freestylers around the world

Witter would like to thank:

Jamie at East Coast for believing in me, Capital Skateboards, Nicotine Wheels, My Family, Bill Roberson, Per Welinder, Bobby Boyden, and finally, Mullen, Andre, and Welinder for inspiration.

Francis Lavallee would like to thank:

Rachele Lafreniere, Rudy Frel, Spank Boo, My Mom, Dad, and Sister, Daniel Boivin, Annie the Stone, Laurence De Grandpre, David Labrossa, Guillaume Dugue, Marie Helene, Jonathan Bourgeois, Dominic Laforturna, Simon Poulin, Charla Savard, Joannie Galarneau, Steve, Chantale ouellet, Nicolas Blouin, Daniel Ouellet, Sushieman, Jonathan Collin, Alex Roy, Gates, Genevieve Frenette, Francois Pilon, Audrey Pilon Sinaj Lapointe, Huges Mauchamps, Jamie, Maryse, Terry, Marc Braggard, Performanc Skateshop, Food Clothing, Duffs Shoes, Capital Skateboards, Nicotine Wheels, Smoke Rings bearings, Jagger Racing, Addidas eyewear