Bobby "Casper" Boyden Interview

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Bobby "Casper" Boyden Interview
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Skater Bobby "Casper" Boyden
Date June 10, 2002

1. When did you start skating and are you still skating now?

I started skating at 7yrs old in 1970, still skating 32 yrs later with my older boys.

2. What appealed to you then and now about freestyle versus street and vert skating?

Freestyle was always my #1 choice, the thrill of inventing new tricks never before seen by others was always at the top of my list. Also, jumping off platforms, over cars, and doing daredevil tricks was a big thrill. Back in those days we did a lot of pool skating too. It was fun skating with the Dog Town and Z Boys, Jay Adams and Dennis Martinez especially.

3. Any original tricks that your particularly proud of? What are your favorite tricks?

Well, the Casper Disaster seems to come to mind first, seeing that its still remembered 28yrs later (I'm honored .) The original Kickflip, 180 Kickflip, Kickflip to 1-foot, Kickflip to Rail, most all the rail variations, the Pogo, and lets see, the Helicopter. My favorite trick was kickflips off tables or stages.

4. Any favorite contests or memorable moments you'd like to share with us?

My favorite contest was probably the original Oceanside series in the early 70's. My older brother and I won every 1 of em. Along with all the other ones in southern California. My favorite memories were the exhibitions all over the world and getting to travel. Skating on stage with bands like Peter Frampton, Boston, Beach Boys, Yes, Poko and America, and Santana. Doing skateboard specials for productions like CBS and NBC television. WOW! what memories.

5. Who are your favorite skaters. Do you have any good skate stories to tell?

My favorite skaters were Chris Chaput, Dennis Martinez, Russ Howell, Jay Adams, Ellen O'Neil Deason, Stacy Peralta, and so many more I could mention.

6. How do you feel about the industry abandoning the production of freestyle skateboards?

I think everything goes through phases and eventually comes around full circle, and I believe Freestyle Skating is on its way back in.

7. Do you still compete?

No, I don't compete anymore but if they ever have a masters competition, you can bet I'll be there.

8. Any words of encouragement for the freestylers that are still out there today or anyone thinking about starting?

Just remember that Freestyle is the true art of the sport. Its where everything started and it will probably be where everything ends.

9. What other industries, hobbies are you involved with now. Can you tell us about Casper Industries?

I own a Tile store in Oceanside, California. I'm a license contractor with the state of California and happily married with 5 kids. "Casper Industries" is a new company I'm starting with the help of my buddy Bob Staton, and other friends in the industry. I'll be coming out with Freestyle decks, street skates, pool boards, and some long boards dedicated to different old school originators.

10.Anything else you'd like to add.

Skateboarding has given me some of the most exciting experiences of my life. I'm honored to be remembered by my old friends and the youngsters in the sport today. Thanks to everyone that helped along the way. Just remember, FREESTYLE RULZ!!!