All Japan Skateboard Association

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All Japan Skateboard Association
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Short Name AJSA
Long Name All Japan Skateboard Association
Products and Services
Area served Japan
Other Information
Native name
日 本 ス ケ ー ト ボ ー ド 協 会
Founded 1982
President Mike T. Miyazawa - ADVANCE MARKETING INC.
Vice President Yoichi Kanayama - MURASAKI SPORTS
Address Name All Japan Skateboard Association
Address Line 1 4-3 Shin-Yamashita2 Naka-ku
City Yokohama City
Zip Code 231-0801
Country Japan
Phone 045-628-1447

Message from the President

Since the foundation of the All Japan Skateboard Association (AJSA) back in 1982 representing skateboarders, shops and suppliers in Japan, the number of skateboarders has increased substantially. And the recent years the trend continues even stronger as many public and private parks are being built at a very fast speed spreading in Japan.

The AJSA's main activities include the training and educating the instructors who like teaching kids and juniors the basic steps of safely enjoy skateboarding, and holding six Am and five Pro contests per year plus participating several events involves Skateboarding.

Some of the member associates had visions and adopted active role to increase kid Skateboarders by introducing the American brand skateboards at affordable price range during the past ten years as they strongly believed in the skateboarding as a very effective sport for the kids to develop health in both physically and mentally.

The AJSA will continue to support and promote the skateboarding as a very healthy sport and a culture that everyone at different age group can enjoy for many years. -President Mike T. Miyazawa 2013 Homepage

Other Staff

Katsu Akiyama - Be-in Works
Secretary General
Jun Yokoyama
Takashi Nishikawa
Takayuki Hiranuma