Alex Foster

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Alex Foster
Internet Links
Links Official Website Facebook Google+ Profile YouTube
Division Amateur
Nationality Flag of the United Kingdom.png British
Gender Male
Location Bolton, England
Stance Goofy
Pushing Method Regular Push
Skating Since 2005


Alex Foster is the founder and creator of LateTricks. He continually strives to support the freestyle community however possible and is the major influence responsible for most of the growth seen in the UK freestyle scene in recent years.

Alex is also credited with bringing Tony Gale out of hiding and back into the mainstream British freestyle scene.

FSKB Contest History

Other Contest History

  • 2009 NASSA European Freestyle Championships: 9th Place Pro-Am
  • 2011 NASS UK Freestyle Championships: 9th Place Pro-Am
  • 2014 Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest: 12th Place Amateur
  • 2015 UK Round-Up: 5th Place Pro-Am

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