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Ace Truck MFG
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Short Name Ace
Long Name Ace Truck MFG
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Other Information
Founded 2006
Founder Joey Tershay
Slogan Loose Trucks Save Lives
Country USA
Phone (323) 782-0668


Ace makes some of the world's best skateboard trucks & accessories. Available in 10 sizes and 5 colors. The only truly independent skateboard truck on the market. Masterminded by Joey Tershay and backed up by Steve Ruge a.k.a. Shrewgy, together they have over 20 years of truck specific experience in skateboarding.

Available Truck Sizes

Ace Truck Size Chart


  • 2015- Vans US Open- (4th Raven Tershy, 5th Willy Lara, 6th Ronnie Sandoval)
  • 2015- Vans US Open (Women 2nd Julz Lynn)
  • 2015- WCS Tim Brauch Memorial (1st Josh Rodriguez, 2nd Nick Wallace, 5th Willy Lara 9th Jordan Richter, 10th Demarcus James, 12th Nolan Munroe, 13th Collin Graham, 17 Haden McKenna / Women's 1st Julz Lynn/ Masters 4th Jed Fuller, 5th Pat Black)
  • 2015- Malmo Ultrabowl (2nd Brad McClain)
  • 2015- Copenhagen Open Bowl Jam (1st Raven Tershy)
  • 2015- Hoedown At The Hoof (2nd Adam Hopkins, 4th Josh Rodriguez, 5th Leon Chapdelaine, 10th Rat Pack)
  • 2015- Van Doren Invitational Vancouver (3rd Brad McClain, 4th Nolan Munroe, 5th Adam Hopkins, 10th James Clarke, 14th Rvaen Tershy)
  • 2014- Van Doren Invitational #2 US Open of Surfing (1st Raven Tershy, 4th Ronnie Sandoval, 6th Greyson Fletcher)
  • 2014- Van Doren Invitational Women's #2 US Open of Surfing (3rd Julz Lynn)
  • 2014- Van Doren Invitational Shop Challenge #2 (1st VAL SURF, Eddie Moreno/Oscar Navarro/Al Brunelle)
  • 2014- Van Doren Invitational #1 Cardiel Classic, Hastings BC, Canada (2nd Raven Tershy, 3rd Brad McClain, 5th Nolan Munroe, 6th Adam Hopkins)
  • 2014- Hoedown at the Hoof (1st Josh Mattson)
  • 2014- Vans Pool Party Orange, CA (2nd Josh Rodriguez)
  • 2013- Battle at Hastings, Vancouver (1st Brad McClain)
  • 2013- Vans Bowl-A-Rama Wellington, NZ (1st Josh Rodriguez)
  • 2012- CPH Pro Bowl (1st Brad McClain)
  • 2011- Cons Coastal Carnage (1st Tom Remillard)
  • 2011- X Games Superpark (1st Raven Tershy)
  • 2011- Marseille (1st Nolan Munroe)
  • 2011- CPH Pro Bowl (1st Raven Tershy)
  • 2007- Cons Coastal Carnage (1st Raven Tershy)